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App Design & Development

Apps That Empower Businesses

We create applications for all mobile devices including phones, tablets, smart watches and a lot more. Apps developed by Ruppell follow strict quality standards to make sure we could deliver reliable and easily maintainable products to our customers. As a result, they become powerful tools that empowers the businesses behind them and serves the customers using them.

We understand that building an app for your business is a sizeable investment. That is why we always step into our customers’ shoes and adopt a proactive, business-focused mindset. Simplicity, reliability and maintainability are the three main pillars of the applications we create. We love technology and always strive to implement the best solution for each problem we encounter.

iOS Apps
Android Apps
Server Side

User Experience (UX)

We design apps that are creative, elegant and functional. We put extra emphasis on the usability and accessibility of our apps to create an optimal user experience when interacting with the product and how the product guides the user along the journey.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps allows us to develop a single app that work seamlessly across iOS, Android and other platforms. Development frameworks like Flutter has made hybrid apps almost indistinguishable from native apps in terms of user experience. Hybrid apps gives our customers the opportunity to save big on development costs.

App Analytics

Analytics is a critical part of any successful app. It allows businesses to directly understand how users interact within an app. Having the power to learn more about your customers and gauge the effectiveness of the app’s content will point you to the right direction towards improved interaction and engagement in the future.

Testing & Maintainability

Having a reliable app that you and your customers can fully depend on is very important to us. We have strict quality control standards and all apps developed by Ruppell are thoroughly tested. Our emphasis on simplicity and maintainability is key towards the development of high quality apps that are easy to maintain, customize and upgrade.

Web Design & Development

We Create Websites That Work

We are experienced with plenty of frameworks, languages and tools for web design and development including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Laravel, Flask and many more. Web applications created by Ruppell can serve all types of needs. Depending on your specifications and budget, we can create anything from a standard company website to a completely tailor-made solution.

Websites developed by Ruppell are optimized to work well on all devices that could access the internet. We have a team of incredibly creative digital designers that has a proven track record for creating practical, functional and eye-catching websites. Our fluency in the latest technologies allows us to make sure each website that we develop are reliable and easily maintainable.

CMS Systems
Back End Development
Front End Development

E-Commerce Platforms

Ruppell is well-experienced in designing and developing eCommerce stores using platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop and Shopify. Existing online store owners can also simplify their workflow by adopting custom made plugins and tools developed by Ruppell that answers to their exact business requirements.

Beautiful & Creative Designs

With talented and creative digital designers working from all around the world, we are able to create products that would leave a lasting impression with your customers. With our keen eye for detail and technical expertise, we create websites that don't just look good, but are functional and user friendly.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A content management system (CMS) is a software system that allows an administrator to update the content of a website. We create themes and plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Concrete 5. Simplicity is of utmost importance here. Our simple and elegant solutions means that our customers can maintain their websites with ease.

Optimized For All Devices

A great website must be designed and developed to work on all devices. Websites created by Ruppell are fully optimized with seamlessly responsive designs and code that works across the board. Ruppell can make sure that your customers would have an equally good experience independent from where they might be accessing your website.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Custom-made web applications would give you complete control over every aspect of the website’s design and development. It maximizes flexibility and allows the website to function as you like it to. However, they are likely to be more expensive and less future-proof, as finding alternative agencies to support custom-built code is challenging.

Maintenance & Bug Repairs

Development does not end post-launch. Ruppell cares for every products it publishes. Support for websites developed by Ruppell is extend to its customers months or even years after launch and includes fixing reported bugs and handling maintenance requirements. We offer an affordable retainer service that helps our customers keep their websites up to date.

Other Services

We Also Provide the Following Services

For customers looking for a comprehensive solution to their business, Ruppell is also capable to deliver additional value-added services such as email marketing tools, SEO & analytics, event applications and more. The range of services offered by Ruppell is expected to expand with more talents joining our creative and energetic team.

Email Marketing Solutions

Email marketing can be a very effective method of communication between you and your customers. We offer a set of mailing solutions that makes it easy for you to deliver personalized HTML emails to your target customers while looking perfect on all devices at the same time.

SEO & Analytics Services

Search Engine Optimization is critical to your online success. Websites and apps created by Ruppell are given the best possible opportunity to be discovered. Making use of analytic tools gives us feedback on the SEO effects that went into the product. This allows our customers to learn a lot more about their customers and business.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Ruppell can help you connect your websites or apps to CRM systems by developing extensions that automate repetitive tasks and streamlines lead generation and sales processes. This includes platforms like Bitrix24, Mautio, EspoCRM and many more.

Event Applications

Ruppell can develop applications that allows event guests to post comments or pictures directly to any device (e.g. projectors, TVs, LED walls) inside the venue. We can also create software that streamlines the registration and check-in processes for events.